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Gurugram: Chintels Paradiso’s five buildings will be demolished

DC Permission to demolish dangerous towers in Chintels Paradiso is granted by Nishant Yadav. The demolition will be done floor by floor by Edifice Engineering. There are settlement agreements with apartment owners, progress reports, and safety precautions in place.

GURUGRAM: On Monday, Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav authorized the demolition of the five towers in Sector 109’s Chintels Paradiso that were deemed dangerous for habitation.

Following the structural assessment report from IIT Delhi declaring towers D, E, F, G, and H unsafe, the developer had requested permission to demolish these structures.

The Paradiso towers will be demolished by Edifice Engineering, the same company that destroyed the Supertech twin skyscrapers in Noida in August 2022. However, in contrast to the Noida towers, which were demolished using 3,700 kg of explosives in a controlled implosion, the Paradiso structures will be demolished floor by floor by crusher machines.

Edifice has already begun removing the towers’ fitouts, including the doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical accessories. Edifice has also given the builder a demolition schedule and strategy.

After considering recommendations from the relevant authorities—the MCG, the Haryana Pollution Control Board, the police, and the departments of public works, disaster management, town and country planning, fire, and labor—the DC gave his approval.

The letter giving authorization states that steps would be taken to minimize dust pollution and guarantee the safety of nearby structures and residents, as well as that demolition site debris will be disposed of at designated MCG site. The fire department and police will monitor the situation.

The letter further states that the builder management will be held responsible for any negligence, mishap, or accident. Every fifteen days, the builder management will provide demolition progress reports to the ADC and the district town planner’s office.

The contractor is currently dismantling fitouts as part of the first phase of the demolition plan. The towers will be dismantled in the following phase, which is expected to begin on May 1. The machinery that will do this are safe, high-reach jaw crushers that can break steel and concrete. By June 20, secondary demolition, which entails chopping the wreckage into smaller pieces, will be completed. By December 15th, the location will be cleansed of debris.

According to a developer representative, these five buildings contain roughly 288 apartments, of which the management has already executed buy-back agreements with 150 apartment owners. The redevelopment plan has received the approval of about 50 allottees. Efforts are being made by the management to reach settlement arrangements with the remaining apartment owners. The spokeswoman stated that demolition will be done in accordance with the guidelines and directives of the permission

On February 10, 2022, a section of the living rooms of five apartments at Tower D of Paradiso collapsed, killing two occupants.

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